Hardcore Mode Up22-8

Seek shelter that provides protection, and find resources as you replenish your hunger. Engage to the Java-exclusive yet Hardcore Mode– all in this add-on! Changelog Resource pack should now use new horse textures. Tweaks for in-game texts.

Flying Broom Addon

This addon adds fabulous a FLYING BROOM! Which will make you fly through the air without any problem If you want to go up, turn the look up If you want to go down, turn your sights down JUMPING ON THE BROOM WILL ELEVATE YOU UP TO 100 BLOCKS IN SECONDS!

Eating Craft Add-on

To get these items, write /function items in the chat. Or to get an individual item, write /give @s et: and you will see a list of items. You will see some food too, you can use it but there isn’t much. More food will be added in the next update.

New Player Animation V0.4.3

Here are the new animations for this texture which you will hopefully enjoy in your game when you try it out today. There is a lot to check out so make sure you don’t miss anything. Because there are a lot of cool different animations added/replaced. New Player Animation V0.4.3 New Player Animation V0.4.3 0.4.3… Read more »

Rage Decor Add-on

Yes, you can craft to your hearts desire to obtain the furniture pieces! Survival mode: There are 2 ways to obtain furniture; Buying them from laptop or crafting them in crafting bench. The how to play screen has been transformed into a recipe book for this addon. Browse threw the tabs to select the crafting… Read more »

CouchCopter Addon V2

Try traveling from one place to another from the comfort of a sofa!! It is impossible to resist It Includes Normal Sofa (as a piece of furniture for your home) CouchCopter (as a means of transport) Items? Engine Wrench Screw Propeller Box with sofa inside Changelog Vehicles – SofaCar – SofaSubmarine Items – Tire –… Read more »

Creepy PhenomenonV1.3

If you are looking for that dark experience, of mystery, but above all of pure restlessness (even better in survival) Then you’re in the right place! Little change to texture of sadly happy crash and bowl

Project Walker V4

You must look for supplies to stay alive, the living dead alone are not so dangerous but a pack can be lethal, be careful with other survivors because not all of them are friendly and also be more careful with other players (in case of multiplayer) as they may want to rob you. Changelog Concert… Read more »

Hardcore Mode Up7-09

This add-on gives you the ability to play hardcode mode in Bedrock Edition. The difficulty is locked to hard, and your game mode is locked to survival. You will not be able to move once you die and respawn. Changelog Updated compatibility for 1.16, fixing several issues regarding bypassing death and reviving.

TrailsV1.2 Addon

Have you ever wanted something like that, but on a normal Minecraft world? Well now you can do just that, with my Trails add-on! With this add-on you can sprint, and the particles will come out behind you.