Escape From The MagmaV1.1.9

you can play it alone or with your friends. When the game starts you must start to running, you will found some Magma cubes. You just have to know how to dodge the Magma cube. Changelog The last link was not able to show for mcpedls mobile app users so i did change it again.

Haunted House V1.0.2

It was for sale but nobody stayed long since they heard strange noises in the attic and a grave in the backyard, you are a paranormal investigator and it is your job to find out what happened. Changelog Better screenshots of the house Changed weather and time in world


In this map your goal is to Escape the prison. You will break toilets with a HAMMER! and go inside a pipe with water, you will kill cops, steal a keycard and go inside a room with a keycard pass and steal police swords, police shields and police swords, you will go to sewers and… Read more »

PodzolMadagascar V1.2

The inspiration for this terrain map come right out the wilderness of a coastal island off the shores of mainland Africa! explore, create and survive in the PodzolMadagascar. Changelog -Added a short showcase video! better vid coming soon -New pictures!

Escape from Volcano Island

I can tell you’re too weak to punch trees and build a boat, so you must find another way to escape. See that volcano over there? That’s about to erupt, which means you need to hurry!

Unfair Pig

But this time, it is themed with pig, in other words, as you can see by the title of this map, it is called Unfair Pigs. Everything in this map will be pointless and you’ll have to beat it basically.

Plants vs Zombies V1.4

You wont be disappointed, You will have fun, 100% guaranteed! This map have some unique features,like,Fog Mode,Zen Garden,and more! Changelog •Added addon source and download link •A more detailed Submission 🙂

JW Fallen Kingdom

In this map, you can explore the remains of what was once a world-class theme park.This map includes several iconic locations seen in Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Suburban Neighborhood V1

Every house has built landscapes with some trees and a front yard, but there is one downside, there are no interiors. Overall, I think that this map would be very fun and inspiring to others! (Note: This map is still in progress)