Forest Village

Normally villages are generated at areas where the landscape is flat, sometimes it happens they are generated on top of mountains and rarely, as in this case, it happens they are generated in forests. The spawn is on top of a little hill. In front of you there should be a river. Continue straight ahead… Read more »

Mini Survival Island

Survival is one of the favorite type of gameplays for most in Minecraft. If you think of yourself as a great survivor and looking to challenge your skills then this mini survival island seed likely will be interested to you. There are no trees on the island but there are some islands surrounding the island… Read more »

Island Village

Here is a seed where you will spawn on an island which got no trees whatsoever but instead it has something much more cool and that is a village. The village got five farms and about ten houses so there are lots of resources to be harvested and houses where you can take shelter in…. Read more »

Desert Triple Village

Heres a great seed which got a triple village a short walking distance from spawn. There are plenty of farms and a chest with some amazing loot waiting for you. Turn slightly to your left at spawn so that you see a desert further ahead. Approach the desert and you will soon be able to… Read more »

Sand Village in Three Different Biomes

In this seed you will be able to find a sand village which has been generated in three different biomes where. To get to the sand village walk straight ahead from where you spawn and you will soon see it. As you will see there is a river dividing the village in three different biomes…. Read more »

Extreme Mountain Islands

Turn to your right at spawn and you will see a big ocean opening up. Swim or fly out into the ocean and you will soon see the extreme mountain islands on your left. In total there are two islands. One of the islands is made only out of rock while the other one got… Read more »

Glitched Village Island

The things you will come across in this seed are very rare. First off, the spawn is on an island out in the ocean and in total weve only reviewed twelve such villages in the past. The second cool thing is that the village is glitched. What we mean by glitched is that several of… Read more »

Double Village At Spawn

Once you have spawned in the world you will find yourself in what appears to be a double village. The village is located on the border of two colliding biomes: a savannah and flat lants biome. There are plenty of farms which you can harvest for food and it provides several different terrains (desert, savannah,… Read more »

Two Villages Near Spawn

Once youve spawned you need to cross the river ahead of you to cross into the savannah biome to find the two villages thay lay ahead. Both of the villages got one blacksmith each. Quite soon after youve crossed into the savannah biome you should be able to glimpse the first village. In the chest… Read more »

Half Jungle Village

Just a few times have we reviewed a couple of jungle village seeds before. And to be honest, neither of those are as good as this jungle village. The spawn is in the jungle under a tree and before you there are vines hanging down from the trees. Just a little further ahead you will… Read more »