Triple Village At Spawn

Ever wanted to quickly find your way to a village? Well, this is a great opportunity because not only will you find one village, no, you will in fact find three villages right at spawn. They are all tightly combined making them appear as one big city. This is an overview of the entire triple… Read more »

Glitched Double Village

You dont have to go far to get to the double village because you will actually spawn in the center of it. The two villages have been generated closely together which make them appear as one large village.The reason why we say its glitched is because many of the houses have been generated on top… Read more »

Massive Temple

This is a seed which features three temples. Two of the temples have been generated right next to each other which make them appear as one large building. More than thirty gold ingots can be found in all three temples chests. To find the massive temple (also known as a double temple) turn around once… Read more »

Desert Mountain Village

In this seed you will come across a quite extraordinary village. Mountains in deserts are quite rare and then the to have parts of a village generate on top of a mountain in a desert is as you probably understand even more rare. And thats exactly what you will find in this seed! At spawn… Read more »


Ores are so important when starting a new survival world as they provide the materials for all the tools you need to survive. In this seed we guarantee that you will find the most valuable ores in Minecraft just minutes after spawning.

Island Village With Blacksmith

Last time we wrote about an island village was only yesterday. Today we are happy to tell you that another island village has been found and in this village you will be able to get some amazing loot from a blacksmith. And on top of that the village itself is very unique as almost the… Read more »

Apple Village Island

Now you are probably wondering why we called this island the Apple Village Island as theres no trees anywhere on the island to be seen so how could there be apples? When exploring the island we did an unusual discovery in the blacksmiths chest. We would have expected to find some tools used by the… Read more »

Five Villages (Quintuple Village!)

A quintuple village is in fact five villages combined tightly together making it look as one entire village. These kind of villages are incredibly rare but every time we come across one our mind is blown, and yours will be too. When you have spawned in the seed turn completely around and on your left… Read more »

Rare Island Village

In this seed you will spawn on a rounded and flat island. On the island there is a small village which got a few houses, farms and even a little dock for boats. Its perfect if you want to quickly see some civilization in your next survival adventures.

Two Double Villages in a Hilly Landscape

Villages are common but when they spawn so tightly combined thats one example when they become unique. Heres a perfect example of that. In this seed you will be able to explore two double villages that have been generated just next to each other. Once youve spawned you will see a mesa biome and a… Read more »