Two Double Villages in a Hilly Landscape

Villages are common but when they spawn so tightly combined thats one example when they become unique. Heres a perfect example of that. In this seed you will be able to explore two double villages that have been generated just next to each other. Once youve spawned you will see a mesa biome and a… Read more »

Mushroom Island

Mushroom islands are rare to come across but they are definitely a biome which attract most peoples interest. In this seed you will be spawning on a normal grass island which is located very near a medium-sized mushroom island.

Epic Overhangs and Floating Islands

Do you want to experience a challenging and dramatic type of terrain with big mountains, massive overhangs and floating islands? If that interests you we can assure you that this seed will too. It got everything of that. The spawn is just in front of the big mountains so you dont have to walk any… Read more »

Five Villages At Spawn

In this seed you will spawn at a desert village which is closely situated next to four other villages. All villages together provide a lot resources (like food and building materials) which can make your next survival adventures easier.

Almost A Jungle Village

Heres a very different village. Its not an ordinary village because it has partly been generated in a jungle biome which causes some of the houses in the village to be covered with vines. It takes a little bit of walking to get there but its fairly easy to find it. Well let you know… Read more »

Two Survival Islands

In this seed you will spawn on a small survival island but with plenty of trees which you can use to build your first shetler for the night to come. Just a little further away from the first island is a second island. Its a little bit larger but the downside is that it doesnt… Read more »

Mountain Overhang

In this seed you will find an epic mountain overhang very close to the spawn. It has all those features which makes it almost unrealistic, but in a cool way. Right in front of you there is a large mountain with a waterfall pouring down over the rocky cliffs. Its quite rare because its not… Read more »

High-Rise Building in a Village

Once you have spawned you will notice the village and the high-rise building. It isnt exactly a skyscraper, but its definitely higher than a normal house in a village. Some of the smaller houses have been generated in and on a hill and theres also a farm which looks quite odd.

Three Villages and Great Chests

When you have spawned you will be able to see a village on your just a little further ahead on your left. The village is quite small but has been nicely generated at a little hillside. In the blacksmith in the village you will find a chest with actually some quite nice things in the… Read more »

Small Mountain Village

The spawn is on the side of a quite tall hill in front of a little village. The village has partly been generated on top of the hill and about half of the village is generated at the base of the hill In the village you will find the following items. Its a quite good… Read more »