Small Mountain Village

The spawn is on the side of a quite tall hill in front of a little village. The village has partly been generated on top of the hill and about half of the village is generated at the base of the hill In the village you will find the following items. Its a quite good… Read more »

Two Villages

The spawn is in front of the first village very close to the blacksmith. The first village is the most interesting one and not only because of the blacksmith. Some of the houses are oddly generated as you will see in the images below. Here are the items which you will find in the blacksmith:… Read more »

Gold and Diamonds Under Spawn

Here is a great seed where you will be able to find both diamonds and gold only by digging some under spawn. Its a super good seed to use if you want to get your hands on some great tools just when starting out on a new adventure. Once youve spawned continue by digging straight… Read more »

Mushroom Biome At Spawn

Mushroom biomes are quite rare to find close to spawn normally. But in this seed you only have to do a little bit of swimming to come to a huge mushroom biome. The spawn is on an island but just continue straight forward across the water and you will find the mushroom biome. As you… Read more »

Extreme Hills, Stronghold and Village

Here is a seed which offer several different types of enviroments to explore just as youve spawned in the seed. The first thing you will notice are the impressive mountains surrounding the village youll spawn at. Nearby the village is also a swamp biome which gives the seed a mystic vibe, especially during the evening… Read more »

Lava Island

The spawn is on one of the smaller islands which is scattered around the main island which is much larger. Its on the main island in the center which you will find the pool of lava too. All in all, its a quite flat island with not much trees but quite a bit of animals…. Read more »