Dark Mode OnF

ut that can also lead to a little energy saving on the start screen (with some burrs). I recommend the pack especially for PvP and survival!

Lukas Java Parity Pack

This resource pack accomplishes this by changing small parity issues to make them closer to the Java Edition. This resource pack was designed to be compatible with nearly every type of content available: UI packs, resource packs, shaders, marketplace content, and other types of content. Additionally, all devices are supported – from Windows 10 with… Read more »

ReBuilt ShaderF

Using new rendering methods to create a new stunning visuals at little performance cost.

Clear Wire F12-6

It changes things such as sides of a sticky piston, visual observer texture when activated, and a lot more… The idea of this resource pack is to implement all the possible things in terms of tech and ability to distinguish between similar textures easily. Changelog Removed number 15 on Redstone Dust which indicated the maximum… Read more »

OCD 16x Pack

This pack is a simple, minimalist and clean textured package created by FVDisco for the Java edition of Minecraft, has soft color tones and provides a hungry calm. Changelog A lot of new features: -Leaves now are correctly visible on hands – HOney and HoneyComb blocks are finnaly added! – Some Dark blocks, were changed… Read more »

Haptic ShadersV1.0.8

It’s made for you, made for Low-end devices with a minimal to lag-free experience! Changelog Update: RX460 — Bring the Fun !! ✓ Bug fixes

VanillaRTX v1.1 (Windows 10 Only)

Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support. Changelog Metalness increased slightly for all types of iron (including anvil, hopper, rails, …)

NightVision V1.0.4

Changelog Update the resource pack icon Renewing links to a site mediafire Vision works better under water It works even better now to upgrade Minecraft 1.16

FeluxisHD V1.0.4

Changelog -Added new blocks of NETHER UPDATE 1.16: BLOCK items, hyphae and woods of the Nether, basalt, black stone and their respective varieties, weeping obsidian, ores, land of souls New items, including a new mineral and its set of armor and tools New mobs: hoglins, zoglins, piglins, striders

Astral Client V4.1

It is themed with blue-purple galaxy. It offers a variety of features such as unlocked V-Sync and Max Framerate Settings, Optifine textures and more. It comes with 3 built-in packs, one with 8×8 block textures to boost your FPS to the max. Changelog 1. Start Screen – Made the buttons and the logo image a… Read more »