X-Ray Pack V1.6.0

Changelog Added Discord Server Invite Link so if people have Problems, they can tell me and my Staff there.

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight V1.0.4

This is a pretty simple yet beautiful shader with bright colors , shadows (optional), waving animations and a bunch of other things. This is also pretty FPS friendly and will work fine on 2-1 gb ram devices but without shadows. Changelog Added a light blue sky Added twinkling stars Added a version with SHADOWS

Smoolistic RTX v1.16

Smoolistic is one of the first ray tracing resource packs for the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It is in 256 but uses the 16Ɨ16 style of minecraft, overall it remains faithful to the original but some blocks have been modified to take advantage of the bump mapping.

Aquarius PE Shaders

This shaders package has a green theme and this shaders package has a realistic glow from the blocks that produce light. Changelog Aquarius PE Shaders 2.4 v2.4.0 Making the Nether much more realistic

Vanilla RTX v2.0

Windows 10, Xbox Series X and PS5 Only Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support. Changelog Red Sand texture added Redstone brightness increased Animated textures fixed Side of grass block fixed Beehive added All nether update blocks added Brightness of some… Read more »

Mystic Rain Pack

The Mystic Rain Pack brings in more realistic and atmospheric sounds for rain and thunder, as well as changing the texture of rain and splash particles to be lighter and natural, making a much more calming and authentic soundscape.

Full Bright Pack1.0.5

This pack is suitable for anyone who wants to be exploring at night or go on an underground adventure to explore the caves. Everything will be the same except that you will now be able to see everything very easily. Changelog new download link, a direct download link thanks and download šŸ™‚

Definitive Animations V15.

Changelog Updated to run at 1.16 . The post information was updated List of edited textures: . Ancient Debris Side . Ancient Debris Top . Barrel Side . Crimson Fungus . Chest Front . Cake Top . Trip Wire Source . Nether Gold Ore . Cartography Table Side2 . Cartography Table Top . Quarts Ore… Read more »

RUSPE Shaders V1.7

You found the right shaders RUSPE Shaders focuses on realism and performance! if you light your builds, it will only light it, and it wont completely discolor your builds. Changelog Rain effect Improvements to sun beams Rain monochromatic effect Bump effect (turned off by default)

Suprecura Craft UltraV2

Iā€™m introducing my new project known as SuprecuraCraft ULTRA which instead of just having plain upscaled textures it has entirely new pbr! and other little bits and pieces. Changelog -Reduced file size -changed colormaps -Fixed issues with textures crashing when dlss is turned off(RTX beta only) -Changed UI -Discontinued SuprecuraCraft(default version)