Better MC Pack

The changes introduced in this pack are very small, but greatly improves, not only the survival aspect, but the PVP aspect as well!

Depixel Bedrock Lite Up

Discover the classic, well known Minecraft in double as much details. Previously known as Default 32×32, Depixel brings you a smooth, consistent experience with a touch of realism, keeping the Vanilla style in all its glory. If you’re a fan of Vanilla look, there is nothing that you won’t recognize, even if you’ve never used… Read more »

Patar HD 100k PvP

We reached a goal I never thought I would reach in my life… 100k! This means so much too me and i’m truly blessed to be making content for you guy’s everyday! A way to celebrate this goal is releasing a PvP pack that’s so good, it even comes with a built in mod made… Read more »

X-Ray Pack V1.7.0Up

Just use X-Ray. Its Easy to Install and Customise with Lots of Different Variants! To get it working, Just Install and Apply the Pack (seen in the Installation Guide at the Bottom) and it will automatically be set to Classic X-Ray. If you want to change the Mode, click the little gear for the Texture… Read more »

VSBE Pack1.0.3 (Windows 10 Support)

Works on Android and Ios and Windows 10. This will be the last update of this shader except for bug fixes. But don’t worry I’m currently developing a new shader Changelog Fixed invisible bug on windows 10 Underwater fog enhanced Fixed the links

Chill PvP Be V1.3

I redesigned a lot of the textures in the intent to keep them still feel like Minecraft but adding a more unique style. I made this because I felt like there was a lot missing about other texture packs aimed around PvP and most didn’t resemble Vanilla Changelog v 1.3 This is a small update,… Read more »

True Colors Pack Up

There’s no texture that you wouldn’t be able to recognize! It also makes a great pack for vanilla survival as well! Changelog Added llamas Added hoglin Added piglin Added zombie piglin Added zoglin

Modified Armor Stand Poses

Now the armor stands will have better and fun poses, which could be useful to decorate in your worlds. You can also choose if you want the plate base of the armor stand to be displayed or not. Also head over to the resource pack option.

Impressive Shadow Pack V1.6

I inherited the ESBE-1G and wanted to build my own from scratch, so I made it. There are some customizable items, so if you’re interested, check out the program inside. Changelog The sky is bluer now. Added expression for rainy weather. Minor bug fixes.

Fluffy Pack V1.3

Fluffy texture update Some textures have been changed. Wood, leaves, coral, etc. Changelog Fluffy texture ver3 The texture has been changed. Stripped_log ConcretePowder Jack oLantern Banner Double_slab Please see the images for more details.