Cracked NetheriteV1.2.3

The idea is that underneath the netherite is diamond armour so when it cracks a little youd see the original diamond armour underneath.

Better Zombified Piglin

We all know that the zombie pigman was replaced by the zombie version of the Piglin. He keeps his outfit but this is somewhat “incoherent” so to speak. When the Piglin is zombified he changes his outfit but with this texture you can make him keep it, although it is slightly damaged.

Bare Bones1.0.9

It is a simplistic and vibrant pack that is fun to use and makes your own Minecraft worlds look colourful! Changelog Blocks: Added all new 1.16 block textures Changed Mossy Cobblestone Changed Stonebricks Changed Fletching Table Changed Hopper Changed Mycelium Changed Cartography Table Changed Obsidian Changed Nether Wart Block Changed Lantern Changed Flowers Changed Sweet… Read more »

Marvellous Vanilla PackV1.1

Introducing Mr Fishy’s Marvellous Vanilla Pack, this pack is one of many more vanilla remake packs coming from the Odd Fishy Studios! Changelog Added ADVANCED version of MFMVP 1.1 so it is now up to date Added features from 1.1 normal MFMVP to the ADVANCED version of MFMVP Added edge highlighted borders to certain blocks(for… Read more »

FCPE Shader1.0.5

This is the perfect solution for anyone who has a low mid-range device looking for beautiful shaders that don’t require so many resources. Changelog Now its all Made for me, in the image You can see and if You look the pack two

Fluffy Pack V2

Fluffy texture update Some textures have been changed. Wood, leaves, coral, etc. We added new textures. Changelog Changes to the images of round stones, wood and leaves. Added various other images.

OCD PeV1.4

So, here I bring you the port of one of the best textures made for Minecraft!, although the port has been made by me Changelog A lot of nether blocks updated A lot of items and tool updated nether update changes NOTE: The coming updates will just for the items and some mobs, please be… Read more »

Mazin Pack V2.1.4

Expect to see lots of awesome stuff, and broken stuff. This pack project was made by lolmarkdude2 / lolmarkdude. Changelog V2.1.4 Update Log: Retextured Dimension-Related Blocks (Nether Bricks, End Bricks), Stone Bricks, Prismarine, Etc Retextured Cross-Hair Update Pack Icon