Astral Client V5

It offers a variety of features such as unlocked V-Sync and Max Framerate Settings, Optifine textures and more. It comes with 3 built-in packs, one with 8×8 block textures to boost your FPS to the max. In this updated we have fixed a lot of bugs related to the last version and optimized it for… Read more »

99% X-Ray

Yes, they’re really good, and have been made really well, but none of them have this extremely useful, feature: Gravel is opaque. Changelog Added a new and improved logo to the pack, and made the pack more space saving, at only ~80kb when imported.

Impressive Shadow Shader V1.5

I inherited the ESBE-1G and wanted to build my own from scratch, so I made it. There are some customizable items, so if you’re interested, check out the program inside. Changelog resolution was not set, so I set it.

Plain ColorsV1

This makes Minecraft go a little faster, it is a simple texture without many details and has been updated to work in versions later than 1.4. Changelog Rarities have been removed Added villager base and zombie villager Added to pillager Added missing eggs Added the Smoker, the Blast furnace, the blacksmith table, the cartograph table… Read more »

3D Armor

It is recommended to use any 16x texture pack to match it to achieve the desired effect.

ESBE 2G ShaderV5

Changelog Added wobble effect to entities and nether view Added tone mapping for Nether and underwater Improved rendering of nether particle Some tweaks of water Water animation no longer appears in lava Added support for some devices >>* Fixed rendering bug on VR devices (may be not Improved tone mapping of entities Improved lighting of entities… Read more »

Ultra Real 256X

This texture pack makes that possible with high resolution images that is almost identical to real life Changelog I was surprised at first when i saw that the upload was denied but then i went to look at why and i saw that nothing was wrong so thats good. Im also suprised that someone recognized… Read more »

Clear WireV1.2.4

The idea of this resource pack is to implement all the possible useful tools for making redstone systems professionally by distinguishing between similar textures easily. Changelog Changed UUID for each pack so you can download new updates without having to delete the olds. Added a resource pack for white chunk border (made by Theta Sigma)… Read more »

Haptic Shaders 29-7

It’s made for you, made for Low-end devices with a minimal to lag-free experience! Changelog Whats New? In this update, we fixed some very important bugs Water lilies is no longer white Version: