Astral Client V4.1

Astral Client V4.1

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It is themed with blue-purple galaxy. It offers a variety of features such as unlocked V-Sync and Max Framerate Settings, Optifine textures and more. It comes with 3 built-in packs, one with 8×8 block textures to boost your FPS to the max.

1. Start Screen
- Made the buttons and the logo image a bit transparent.
- Adjusted the name beside your gamerpic by 2px to the right.
- Changed the panorama to midnight and purple midnight (for purple version)

2. Settings Screen
- The perspective (F5) button is now found on settings instead on the accessibility options.
- Added back the profile section and subpacks!

3. Hud Screen
- Redesigned the coordinates text. (Credits: @Nezuko Chanヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ)
- Removed the vignette renderer when you go to dark places (Fast)

4. Particles
- Added back the particles since with or without them your game will still lag (if there are too many particles) Tested with 10 lingering potions.
- Campfire particles are still gone.

5. UI
- Remade and recolored some buttons.
- Filled the entire dialogue atlas.

6. Rendering
- Removed fast grass (Source of lag, actually.)
- Added back the original clear water. (I didnt know how it got removed on V3 and V4...) (The old water was also a source of lag)
- Removed the HD sun and moon (Another source of lag, jeez, I thought these were gonna improve performance)

7. Subpacks
- Added a purple version for Astral.
- The default would be the midnight version.


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