Bare Bones1.0.9

Bare Bones1.0.9

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  • October 15, 2020 Create Date
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It is a simplistic and vibrant pack that is fun to use and makes your own Minecraft worlds look colourful!


Added all new 1.16 block textures
Changed Mossy Cobblestone
Changed Stonebricks
Changed Fletching Table
Changed Hopper
Changed Mycelium
Changed Cartography Table
Changed Obsidian
Changed Nether Wart Block
Changed Lantern
Changed Flowers
Changed Sweet Berry Bush
Changed Fire
Changed Stripped Acacia Log
Changed Acacia Log
Changed Netherquartz
Changed Netherrack
Changed Nether Wart
Changed Noteblock
Changed Jukebox
Changed Doors
Changed Trapdoors
Changed Cake
Changed Soulsand
Changed Sea Pickle
Changed Portal
Changed Bookshelf
Changed Bone Block
Changed Bricks
Changed Brewing Stand
Changed Brown Mushroom
Changed Red Mushroom
Changed Barrel
Changed Bamboo
Changed Glowstone
Changed Grindstone
Changed Hay Block
Changed Beacon
Changed Emerald Block
Changed Lectern
Changed Lapis Block
Changed Loom
Changed Tripwire Hook
Changed Torch
Changed Redstone Torch
Changed Lever
Changed Magma
Changed Furnace
Changed End Rod
Changed Itemframe
Changed End Portal Frame
Changed Comparator
Changed Cocoa
Changed Chorus
Changed Repeater
Changed Campfire
Changed Redstone Block
Changed Enchanting Table
Changed Coal Block
Changed Quartz Block

Added all new 1.16 entities
Changed Shield
Changed Alex
Changed Bell
Changed Beds
Changed Enderman
Changed Boats
Changed Ghast
Changed Signs
Changed Wither Skeleton
Changed Fox
Changed Blaze
Changed Magma Cube

Added all 1.16 textures
Added Clouds
Added Book UI
Changed Spectral Arrow
Changed Enchantment Glint
Changed Fire Particle
Changed Lava Particle
Changed Panorama
Changed Arrow
Changed Iron Armour
Changed Gold Armour
Changed Diamond Armour
Changed Gold Ingot
Changed Iron Ingot
Changed Netherbrick
Changed Brick
Changed Rotten Flesh
Changed Music Discs
Changed Swords
Changed Bell
Changed Bow
Changed Apple
Changed Gold Apple
Changed Cookie
Fixed Leaves Outlines (If they appear still, turn off Fancy Leaves)


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