Furniture And Decorations 3D V1.0.2

Furniture And Decorations 3D V1.0.2

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All the furniture are blocks with 3D models and can be manufactured in survival mode.

/give @p (block)

Cat bed: furniture_arathnido:bed_cats
Wine bottle: furniture_arathnido:bottle
Dog House: furniture_arathnido:dog_house
Creeper Cake: furniture_arathnido:creeper_cake
Table: furniture_arathnido:table
Thor’s hammer: furniture_arathnido:mjolnir
Snowman: furniture_arathnido:snowman
Old TV: furniture_arathnido:old_tv
TV: furniture_arathnido:tv
PC: furniture_arathnido:pc
Cooked pork: furniture_arathnido:pig_death
Chair: furniture_arathnido:chair
Workshop chair: furniture_arathnido:chair_2
Stuffed bear: furniture_arathnido:teddy_bear
Chair (Rotate): furniture_arathnido:silla_rotate
Grill: furniture_arathnido:asador
Gold youtube plate: furniture_arathnido:boton_plata
Silver youtube plate: furniture_arathnido:boton_oro
Creeper Lamp: furniture_arathnido:creeper_lamp_off
Laptop: furniture_arathnido:laptop
MCPEDL Lamp:furniture_arathnido:mcpedl
Nintedo Switch: furniture_arathnido:nintendo_switch
Reactor Arc of Tony Stark: furniture_arathnido:reactor_arc
Plush toy from Among Us: furniture_arathnido:toy_among_us
Xbox Series X: furniture_arathnido:xbox_series

10 new pieces of furniture.
Furniture with interactive flashlight.
Repair of errors in lighting.


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