Instant Buildings Mod

Instant Buildings Mod

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The Instant Buildings Mod is the perfect choice for anyone who more easily want to add buildings to their worlds. There are 27 different structures to choose from and they can be placed anywhere of your desire. Dont waste your time looking for a jungle temple : spawn one instead!

How to spawn the buildings?
All text in this mod is entirely in Portuguese but weve done our best to give you the translations in this post.

Open the creative inventory to get the two new items which are required for spawning buildings.

Selecionar Construcao (Build Selector) (ID: 510)
Construir Construcao (Build Constructor) (ID: 511)
Tap on the ground with the Build Selector and then use the graphical user interface (GUI) to select a building. (You wont place it yet.) There are 7 different categories to choose from and then select a building in that category.

Simple constructions
Pixel art
Switch to the Build Constructor item and tap on the ground to spawn the building.
Its really that simple. Use the Build Selector item to select another building and so on. Here weve gathered some of the buildings which are available


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