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The MCPE+ Mod adds more than 100 new blocks to the game. The majority of them are blocks designed for decorational purposes. For example, some of them include beautifully patterned brick blocks which can be used for building magnificent castles. But there are also more simple blocks like bookshelves in new colors and a portable crafting table.

There are 12 new patterned blocks which exists for the following blocks: andesite, granite, stone bricks, snow, snow, bricks, quartz, sandstone, red sandstone and diorite.

To craft any of the new blocks you will need a bunch of blocks of the core block. For example, if you want to craft one of the new patterned diorite blocks then you will need a bunch of diorite blocks.
There are 7 new amazing redstone lamps and six different torches. The lamps are crafted by combining an ordinary redstone lamp with a dye. The torches are crafted with one torch and a dye...


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