Mega Destroyer (Modded Map)

Mega Destroyer (Modded Map)

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Mega Destroyer is an awesome PvE map which lets you play 12 different PvE arena games against computer controlled mobs. Once youve won some games and gained enough coins you can purchase upgrades such as new classes. This map is amazing if you want to train your battle skills in a controlled environment. But also really cool as it keeps statistics such as total kills and deaths.

How to play?
There are 12 different PvE (player versus environment) games to play. As a newbie I would recommend to start out with ones described as “Easy” or “Very Easy”.

Before entering a level you will be able to choose between 6 different heroes. For the first couple of games you will only be able to select the Griefer. But as you level up you will be able to unlock more classes.

Archer (Level 60)
Arcanist (Level 150)
Mage (Level 30)
Warrior (Buyable class)
Reaper (Level 100)
Griefer (Level 0)
The objective in each game is to destroy the other teams egg. Everyone (besides you) are computer controlled non-player characters.
You destroy the egg simply by hitting it until its health reaches zero.
But you always gotta keep fighting as the other team will always try to kill you. Each class has a special skill. Long-tap on the screen to use it.
Once you have won a game you will get some coins. The coins can be used for purchasing upgrades.


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