Minecon Mobs 2020 Concept

Minecon Mobs 2020 Concept

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The mobs are interactable but the features arent detailed as they are no yet fully
There are currently 3 mobs which are Iceologer, Mooloom & Glowing Squid.
Iceologers are hostile mobs which are actually pillagers. They attack villagers and also themselves (which is a glitch)…
Iceologers throw Ice Cubes at you. When hit you’ll be effected with slowness, it’s kinda hard to escape.
Moobloom, not to mixed up with Mooshrooms, are cows with flowers on their back similar to Mooshrooms who have mushrooms. Mooblooms can be sheared and fed.

The Glow Squid is a variant of a squid, but with a glowing, luminescent texture. They also have similar behaviours as ordinary squids.

Updated info for glow squids.
Updated info for Iceologers.
Changed Featured Image.


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