More Jockeys Mod

More Jockeys Mod

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The More Jockeys Mod adds 21 new jockeys to the game. Jockeys are basically a mob, e.g. a zombie, which is riding another mob, usually some type of animal. They can only be spawned using spawn eggs but its still really fun to play around with as they are like new types of mobs which you can try to challenge.

How does it work?
All of the jockeys can only be spawned using the spawn eggs found in the creative inventory. Lets have a look at some of the included jockeys. Down below you can see the Chicken Jockey, the Skeleton Horseman and the Cow Jockey.

Another really cool jockey is the Kamikaze Skeleton. The skeleton will ride a bat and after awhile it will spawn 20 spiders which wear ignited TNTs on their backs. A few seconds after they will explode causing an epic explosion.

Another jockey is the Wolf of Fire Jockey. Its an iron golem riding an angry wolf. Naturally it will attack any hostile mobs, e.g. the husk.
Besides the spawn eggs there are also two items which got different uses. One of those items is the Emerald of Battle. Tap on two different mobs to make them fight each other. It only works for hostile mobs.

There are many more jockeys than the ones mentioned here but those we will let you explore by yourself!

Item IDs
Emerald of Battle (2000)
Invisible Jockey (2001)
Kamikaze SKeleton (2002)
Diamond of Lightning Bolt (2003)
Ghast Fireball (2004)
Skeleton Horseman (2005)
Chicken Jockey (2006)
Cow Jockey (2007)
Pig Jockey (2008)
Wolf of Fire Jockey (2009)
Wolf of Water Jockey (2010)
Wolf of Snow Jockey (2011)
Runner Skeleton (2012)
Zombie Horse Jockey (2013)
Spider Jockey (2014)
Sheep Jockey (2015)
Wolf Jockey (2016)
Ocelot Jockey (2017)
Spider Jockey 2 (2018)
Zombie Jockey (2019)
Husk Jockey (2020)


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