More Zombies

More Zombies

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New Swords, armor, and several more items.

-Texturas Working perfectly.

-Automatic Spawneo.

Skills zombies:

Zombie Of Grass: Walking leaves grass, so droppea to die.

Ice Zombie: When attacking us will return slow, droppea ice.

Zombie Of Fire: Immune to fire and lava, burn us if we attack.

Zombie Obsidian: It is very tough, if we kill obsidian also droppear us shut up in a trap.

Lucky Zombie: When will give us a randomly kill object.

Thor Zombie: Throw rays if attacked, there is a chance that your hammer us.

Invisible Zombie: As its name implies, is invisible and immune to fire.

Zombie Spider: Send web if attacked and droppea threads.

Frozen Zombie: Deja snow while walking, gives us snowballs, and when he died the droppea.

Zombie Herobrine: Veloz, great jumping ability, very strong, if we attack becomes invisible, to kill droppea "Herobrite Powder".

Explosive Zombie: This Kami-Kase exploits die, droppea TNT.

Zombie Rider: Galopa his faithful companion, zombie horse. If we kill droppea strings.

Tower Of Zombies: A tower of 9 malavaristas. Grand

Tower Of Zombies: A tower of 27 malavaristas.

Zombie Fisherman: This zombie idler fish prefer their food before killing you, to give us kill fish.

New Items:

Herobrite Sword: A very powerful and edged sword.

Thor Hammer: When hitting any entity throws rays.

Herobrite Ingot / Powder / Rod: Used to crafting the Herobrite Sword.

Herobrite armor: When completing begins to absorb all the damage and makes hearts, has 100 uses.


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