Portal 2 Mod

Portal 2 Mod

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Portal 2 Mod (previously Portal Gun) adds many of the features as found in the popular first-person puzzle-platform Portal games. The gameplay elements include features like the PortalGuns to place portals, a GravityGun which can be used for both blocks and mobs and lots of other nifty tools.
The PortalGun Wood and Stone is used to place the portals. Two portals can be placed and used to walk through to get teleported from one point to another. It can be used 100 times.

Portal Gun Wood and Stone (3655) : 6 double stone brick slab + 2 oak wood
The PortalGuns can be used to pick up blocks from the ground and move them to be placed somewhere else. There are four types of such guns:

Portal Gun (3651) (bullet speed: 40 block/second, 1000 usage times) : 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
Portal Gun Gold (3652) (bullet speed: 30 block/second, 500 usage times) : 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
Portal Gun Iron (3653) (bullet speed: 20 block/second, 250 usage times) : 8 iron ingots
Portal Gun Lava (3654) (bullet speed: 20 block/second, 200 usage times) : 4 iron ingots + 1 flint and steel
The GravityGun can be used to pick up mobs and blocks from the ground and then bring them to the place where you want them placed. You can also choose to shoot them away. A bit more cruel, but fun!

Gravity Gun (3656) : 4 redstones + 4 iron ingots
Turrets are can be placed down and act as guards which protect from all intruders (even yourself). To manage the turret tap on it with the Turret Options item.

Turrets Options (3657)
Turret (3658)
Defective Turret (3666)


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