UHC Function V4.5

UHC Function V4.5

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This mode is mostly found on Java Edition servers, but now you can enjoy the game with your friends with this lightweight, easy-to-set-up addon!

When the game ends, players are teleported to a thing in the sky which I cannot name
When players die, there is now lightning summoned at where the player died.
Spectators inventories are now filled with barriers to prevent them from picking up items, dropped barriers are also cleared
More effect improvements
The world border size is now displayed in the scoreboard
You can now find more golden apples in the world
Mining iron now gives xp
You can now find gold and lapis underground
Having 0 xp will no longer kill you, as a new death detection system has been implemented
Mining iron will now give you xp
Cutclean now works on gold
Spectating for deathmatch is now fixed
Other major bug fixes and improvements
Autosmelt is now an option
Added a new help menu
Rewrote error messages
Starting 2 games in a world is now deprecated


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