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Wands Mod

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This is a mod for Android users which will give you access to 7 magic staffs. Each staff has a unique power which can be activated by pressing a button on the screen. For example, one staff will let you shoot shulker projectiles and another will make it possible to shoot ignited TNT blocks. Experience the world in Minecraft as a wizard!

How to use the staffs?
To use a magic wand you simply need to equip the staff in your active slot and then long press the button in the bottom right corner. It takes 1-2 seconds to activate the attack. This particular staff shoots a shulker projectile which causes anyone hit by the projectile to levitate.
There are 7 different staffs and each of them have a unique power. For instance, this staff shoots an ignited TNT block.
This staff shoots a potion which lingers on the ground for multiple seconds before it disappears. If you walk anywhere near the particles you will quickly lose health.
The fire staff can be used to shoot small fire charges. They cause a little bit of damage and also sets the enemy on fire.
A full list of item ids, crafting recipes and item explanations can be found in the list down below.

Item IDs and Crafting Recipes
Wither Staff (3005) (shoots explosive wither skulls) : 1 nether star + 2 sticks
Ender Staff (3006) (shoots ender pearls, can be used for teleportation) : 1 ender pearl + 2 sticks
Fire Staff (3007) (shoots fire charges) : 1 magma cream + 2 blaze rods
Dragon Staff (3008) (shoots a potion with lingering effect) : 1 popped chorus fruit + 2 sticks
Snow Staff (3009) (shoots a snowball) : 1 snowball + 2 sticks
Explosion Staff (3010) (shoots an ignited TNT block) : 1 TNT + 2 sticks
Shulker Staff (3011) (shoots a shulker projectile, causes mobs to levitate) : 2 birch boats + 2 blaze rods


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