Zafiro Add-on V9.0.1

Zafiro Add-on V9.0.1

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This add-on includes elements that encourage you to explore the world and others so that your gaming experience is not the same.

Explore the world with two new biomes that are easy to recognize.
1. Blue Desert This is a biome that is rare when you find it because you can see many light blue blocks that make the eye pleasant after a while
2. The lower blue that appears in the world is as if it were a fissure between the interior and the earth, this biome is of the cold type unlike the blue interior of the interior.

In this new beta version the complete sets of tools and armor of the minerals of
Pink sapphire
like several elements were updated for new beta version of minecraft
The fire pearl had an update of its attributes to balance the game more, making it now require fuel projectiles to be activated which you can get by burning glowstone dust in a furnace.It is also now breakable, having 384 uses plus the possibility of enchanting it and now You will have a 10 second cooldown when using the Fire Pearl


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