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Swords Crossed A

So what are you waitin’ for? Cross your swords and get ready for a whale of a time! adventure:………… Changelog The addon has been officially released! Bugs will be fixed in the next update, Leave a comment for your suggestions!

IAM’s Vehicles V2.3

This addon adds more vehicles for your minecraft world Changelog Add Go Kart Add Submarine Remove old version of this addon

Bedrock Plus1.0.8

The 12 new mobs consist of 6 regular mobs which share these increased speed, hp and attack damage values and 5 “Extra Strong” mobs which are harder still. There is also 1 neutral mob which keeps its vanilla values. Changelog 11/9/20 More fixes -The Defective Iron Golem will no longer be invincible in creative mode…. Read more »

Aagess Craft V1

This add-on also adds a new item called Block Remover which can break this blocks more efficiently. Changelog Added cardboard blocks New Biome New ores Fake block (diamond, iron, gold, emerald, netherite,)

Hidwoods V2.3.1

In this new environment mostly, you will spawn near a landing pod and will find various different hostile and peaceful creatures scattered on different biomes. /function god , /function saturation , /function test Changelog Hidwoods v2.3.1: The addon is out of the alpha! This update completely transform the addon, with new biomes, entities, blocks, items,… Read more »

Slendytubbies Skins 4D

You can use it only in your minecraft world and your friends who see you will see your skin. To obtain a skin you must activate the permission to use commands and enter this command: /replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head 1 (Skin) slendytubbies:…….. All players will be able to see the skins they are using and… Read more »

Pirates Addon

This addon adds 2 variants of pirate ships with 4 different loot in each. The addon also adds 6 new weapons to the game along with 5 variants of pirates. Changelog Fixed various crashes when approaching ships Balanced the loot Added Flintlock Pistol

Potopo: Furniture Up12-9

All your requests will be heard, and together we will make this AddOn a great experience to decorate our Minecraft worlds. The decorative elements of this AddOn can be obtained in survival mode, through the “loot box”. Changelog New furniture has been added: -Old television -Speakers -Office chair Also fixed some minor bugs with the… Read more »

Tree Capitator Addon

Now, no more! With Tree Capacitor Addon, You can chop down the whole tree by chopping the bottom block! Changelog Lowered my revenue for people to easier install it, also added more of my social medias.

Detailful Guns V2

You can get these items in the survival mode. However, it may be difficult for players to acquire and crafting some items. Changelog Detailful Guns Addon V2 was updated! guns: M3 PPSh41 Thompson KRISS Vector Fostech Origin 12 Winchester M1897 etc…