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Mini Survival Island

Survival is one of the favorite type of gameplays for most in Minecraft. If you think of yourself as a great survivor and looking to challenge your skills then this mini survival island seed likely will be interested to you. There are no trees on the island but there are some islands surrounding the island… Read more »

Massive Temple

This is a seed which features three temples. Two of the temples have been generated right next to each other which make them appear as one large building. More than thirty gold ingots can be found in all three temples chests. To find the massive temple (also known as a double temple) turn around once… Read more »

Mushroom Island

Mushroom islands are rare to come across but they are definitely a biome which attract most peoples interest. In this seed you will be spawning on a normal grass island which is located very near a medium-sized mushroom island.

Epic Overhangs and Floating Islands

Do you want to experience a challenging and dramatic type of terrain with big mountains, massive overhangs and floating islands? If that interests you we can assure you that this seed will too. It got everything of that. The spawn is just in front of the big mountains so you dont have to walk any… Read more »

High-Rise Building in a Village

Once you have spawned you will notice the village and the high-rise building. It isnt exactly a skyscraper, but its definitely higher than a normal house in a village. Some of the smaller houses have been generated in and on a hill and theres also a farm which looks quite odd.

Suburban Neighborhood V1

Every house has built landscapes with some trees and a front yard, but there is one downside, there are no interiors. Overall, I think that this map would be very fun and inspiring to others! (Note: This map is still in progress)

Special Modern House

This map is equipped with other buildings such as fountains, tree houses, swimming pools, etc. I made this map takes a long time so I could design the building to be very good.

Isla Nublar

This map includes a tropical island ready for you to build your very own dinosaur theme park or resort.

Modern Mansion for Gamers

I took about 2 months on this estate, so I hope you all enjoy it! Massive patios, Dolphin and Fish Aquarium, with a beehive on the second story.

Fantasy Village and Castle

The amazing builds are paired with hyra shaders v3 and Better Foliage and Realistic Environment addon really make this map special. Changelog Map now complete with village. More structures will be added when updates come. Added mcworld file.