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Sand Village in Three Different Biomes

In this seed you will be able to find a sand village which has been generated in three different biomes where. To get to the sand village walk straight ahead from where you spawn and you will soon see it. As you will see there is a river dividing the village in three different biomes…. Read more »

Glitched Village Island

The things you will come across in this seed are very rare. First off, the spawn is on an island out in the ocean and in total weve only reviewed twelve such villages in the past. The second cool thing is that the village is glitched. What we mean by glitched is that several of… Read more »

Two Villages Near Spawn

Once youve spawned you need to cross the river ahead of you to cross into the savannah biome to find the two villages thay lay ahead. Both of the villages got one blacksmith each. Quite soon after youve crossed into the savannah biome you should be able to glimpse the first village. In the chest… Read more »

Triple Village At Spawn

Ever wanted to quickly find your way to a village? Well, this is a great opportunity because not only will you find one village, no, you will in fact find three villages right at spawn. They are all tightly combined making them appear as one big city. This is an overview of the entire triple… Read more »

Glitched Double Village

You dont have to go far to get to the double village because you will actually spawn in the center of it. The two villages have been generated closely together which make them appear as one large village.The reason why we say its glitched is because many of the houses have been generated on top… Read more »

Five Villages (Quintuple Village!)

A quintuple village is in fact five villages combined tightly together making it look as one entire village. These kind of villages are incredibly rare but every time we come across one our mind is blown, and yours will be too. When you have spawned in the seed turn completely around and on your left… Read more »

Five Villages At Spawn

In this seed you will spawn at a desert village which is closely situated next to four other villages. All villages together provide a lot resources (like food and building materials) which can make your next survival adventures easier.

Mountain Overhang

In this seed you will find an epic mountain overhang very close to the spawn. It has all those features which makes it almost unrealistic, but in a cool way. Right in front of you there is a large mountain with a waterfall pouring down over the rocky cliffs. Its quite rare because its not… Read more »

Extreme Jungle Biome

Here is a great jungle seed where you will spawn in it and just a little further ahead you will see a desert and a large mountain made out of sand and sandstone. While thats pretty cool its not the main attraction in this seed! Lets show you what you can find.. Turn swiftly to… Read more »

Extreme Hills, Stronghold and Village

Here is a seed which offer several different types of enviroments to explore just as youve spawned in the seed. The first thing you will notice are the impressive mountains surrounding the village youll spawn at. Nearby the village is also a swamp biome which gives the seed a mystic vibe, especially during the evening… Read more »