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FNAF RoleplayMap

With the recourses I had i managed to try and accurately build it in minecraft. This is currently a roleplay map. I am planning on building Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 in the future along with 3. New Images So you can see the map better youtube video has been added

Achievement World1.2.5

You can also help your friends earn them too! This map has most of the common Achievements! YOU CAN 100% MINECRAFT WITH THIS MAP. Changelog Updated the Minecraft map supported version to 1.16 Enjoy everyone!

Equinor Building

The Equinor building on Fornebu was designed by A-Lab architects, a Norwegian architecture firm. The building is built up by 5 main segments which are stacked up on each other. In the middle it forms the atrium/lobby with a smooth bending glass roof.

Seaside Modern House

The house is perched on top of a beach with platforms that are hanging over the water. The house contains the following: 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms kitchen living room dining area theater bar studio pool After loading the world, the player will spawn on a yacht. There is a dock with a path which is… Read more »

Secured Redstone Base

In this map, is full of passcodes, traps and tons of securities and even secret entrances and much more mechanisms that are from the Java edition imported in the bedrock edition using redstones.

UHC Clasic Map

The rules are simple, try NOT to die since your life will not regenerate normally, survive the adversities of the world, battling with the other participants and be the last warrior standing in the competition Each player spawns in an area of ​​the map 1000 x 1000 and has a determined time to Equip 1… Read more »

LightKnight2311’s KitPvP V1.7.4

Not all features in it are ready, but more will be added along the way. Read the description to see what the features will be like. If there’s anything that could be improved in this map, put it down in your comments. Changelog Discord update! Nothing major, just updated the invite link! All is well… Read more »

Frustration Floors

This looks like another challenging map at first glance, but as the name suggests, it creates immense frustration for Players, so make sure you are in a good mood. This map is made for people who like difficult Parkour challenges Changelog Bug fixes We decreased the size of the worlds file We polished the map… Read more »

Parkour Warrior Fanmade

But don’t have a PC or Laptop to play on? Well, not anymore! Here’s MCC Season 10’s Parkour Warrior Map for Bedrock Edition! Changelog Fixed some of the command systems where player is randomly teleported to a different mini-course. Modified jumps at Stage 5-3 Tweaked command system where the actionbar tells the wrong mini-course

Muser Parkour

At each parkour there will be a lane plate to connect each parkour path to the next stage. This parkour map is indeed unique, my friend finished this parkour in more than 5 minutes, even though my friend is not a pro but it’s a very fast time.