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THotD4 Chapter1 Escape

Help James Taylor and Kate Green fight hordes of zombies through an invaded office in Europe! Learn the story through custom cut-scenes ALL in-game! Not pre-rendered. All in the BEST QUALITY possible! Changelog – Added Tutorial Room (to learn how to use important items) – Made fixes to the sound – reduced file size (by… Read more »

LightKnight2311’s KitPvP V1.7.4

Not all features in it are ready, but more will be added along the way. Read the description to see what the features will be like. If there’s anything that could be improved in this map, put it down in your comments. Changelog Discord update! Nothing major, just updated the invite link! All is well… Read more »

Frustration Floors

This looks like another challenging map at first glance, but as the name suggests, it creates immense frustration for Players, so make sure you are in a good mood. This map is made for people who like difficult Parkour challenges Changelog Bug fixes We decreased the size of the worlds file We polished the map… Read more »

Among Us Craft1

Well here is the world of among us in Minecraft for all you amazing gamers to play. After spending much of my time enjoying among us and having fun with the new RTX Minecraft I got to thinking. What if I made a nice looking among us map in Minecraft with RTX. Changelog – added… Read more »

Herobrines Kingdom

There are many houses scattered around his kingdom with loot and many other things explore his Kingdom with caution stay safe This kingdom represents Herobrine, with all sorts of mobs and creatures defending his Ground, there are shops that Herobrine uses to fight off his enemies, his workroom where he forces mobs to do his… Read more »

Abandoned Zoo

When you download my world you can see some of the abandoned structures/Enclosures that are either hidden or just in plain sight. Now please do be aware that this world was built on 1.14 when i started this project so you might get the old background with the bee’s, but that doesn’t matter since it’s… Read more »

Boom Battle Heroes 12.5

Bedwar, Tnt run, Death run, Block Party and much more! So check this out! My goal for this map is to have hundreds of games in just one map so i will always update this map. If you want to know if this map have new update u can follow me on. •I just fix… Read more »

Escape The Jokers House V1.4

He is preparing you to worship, to the DARK LORD. You only have 5 days to escape the house before he prepares the ritual materials and then worships you to the Dark Lord. Good luck playing this map where you are trapped in a house with a man who wants to kill you. Changelog Updated… Read more »

Extreme Parkour Map

That will make you angry but theres a loop hole that can be found. there will be signs that will teach you what to do and guide you through the seven stages. and theres seven stages that helps you be good at parkour. and at the end of the parkour map you will recieve a… Read more »

Escape From The Prison 2

This prison is a bit smaller than the first map. You have to complete all the puzzles for escape. This map is reinstallable. If you find something bug, please report it to the creator trough Instagram. In the final there’s a parkour (is a bit difficult) Good luck and escape! There’s an easter egg.