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Abandoned Zoo

When you download my world you can see some of the abandoned structures/Enclosures that are either hidden or just in plain sight. Now please do be aware that this world was built on 1.14 when i started this project so you might get the old background with the bee’s, but that doesn’t matter since it’s… Read more »

Marvis City 2.0Fix

This city has everything you need that the city needs, from tall skyscrapers to cool neighbourhood. You can live freely in Marvis City. Changelog Changing the download file because the 1. 0 download was still there. Removed the 1. 0 download amd change it into 2.0

MCPE Plants Vs Zombies 7

I created this map to give you a really fun PvZ experience in Minecraft! You wont be disappointed, You will have fun, 100% guaranteed! This map have some unique features,like Zen Garden,and more! Changelog •Added Zomboss •Added Jack in the Box Zombie and Balloon Zombie •Fixed Major Bugs:(plant size,plant attacks and damage,plants no longer attack… Read more »

The Killer

To play there must be a minimum of 2 players. If you are innocent you must survive until the end. If you are the murderer you must kill everyone. There will be 5 players. 4 of them will be innocent, and 1 will be the murderer. You will have 5 minutes to survive or kill…. Read more »

Tower Of Nether Up

You will throw away your phone because it dell during parkour. This map has 6 levels. Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Insane and Impossible. But all jumps are possible! Changelog Added Secret Level Fixed Spawn Position Fixed Some Levels Removed Some Useless Blocks

Dungeons Mmo Map

Earn experience points and invest in new, better weapons and face new, more powerful opponents! Solve logical puzzles and uncover the secrets of the places you are in! The main task is to survive. Discover new locations with ever new opponents. Solve puzzles and find hidden objects to help you move on. All levels are… Read more »

Play Among US

With this great map you can enjoy this game on the MCPE plataform! It is advisable to play with friends It should be noted that this is a map, not an add-on This Minecraft map is an exact copy of the map “The shield” from the game Among us, it has measurements very similar to… Read more »

Crashed Plane Island Survival

Looks like you were the only survivor who survived the brutal plane crash. Your goal is to survive on this island until you get rescued. Please leave any feedback or suggestions in the comments. Good luck! Changelog Added A Death Counter Added A Task Book Another Update coming next week!

The King Of Dropper Up

There are 12 different levels and the only objective is to survive the crash, after every jump, you have to pass some stages to find the button. Changelog We optimized the map and made it lighter Fixed some bugs Fixed text bugs We reduced the size of the map file