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Suburban Neighborhood V1

Every house has built landscapes with some trees and a front yard, but there is one downside, there are no interiors. Overall, I think that this map would be very fun and inspiring to others! (Note: This map is still in progress)

Nether Survival Spawn

This Charming Nether themed Survival Spawn is perfect for a survival world! Nether Survival Spawn Built by Endercraft Studios. (Builds by ImJustIgor, AwesomeDudeMC, Neosai1, and km6tvh)

Escape From The Magma

You can play it alone or with your friends. When the game starts you must start to running, you will found some Magma cubes. You just have to know how to dodge the Magma cube. Changelog Added better featured image because I forgot to put it when I did the last updated . Added Link… Read more »

Dungeons MC map2

The main task is to survive. Discover new locations with ever new opponents. Solve puzzles and find hidden objects to help you move on. All levels are divided into 3 types: easy, medium and hard. Changelog we fixed a bug related to the starting point and some other minor errors.

Achievement World Update

You can also help your friends earn them too! This map has most of the common Achievements! Changelog Fixed Local Brewery Achievement Fixed Beaconator Achievement Updated a couple of achievements.

Hardcore Battle

You only will be able to beat everyone or also with 6 allies on your way, have fun on this map of Dungeon [This game has a limit of 6 players]

Escape From The Prison V1.3.0

There’re some jails, a kitchen, a big canteen, a big playground, 3 rooms, two floors, a Emergency Main Gate located in the playground, a secret room located in the 2nd floor, the main gate and the sewer. You can access to the watchtower, finding a book. There’re 3 mode to escape. Changelog – Added Gym,… Read more »

Parkour Skill Test

Well try to complete this and see if you can become a god at parkour. There are seven stages. Each stage it gets harder.

The TakeOver

This one however has a bit more of a competitive feel as instead of using wool, etc. The goal of the game is to stay on the Shroomlight at the center as long as possible!!! If your opponent gets on it, make sure to get him off immediately, because as one team member stands on… Read more »