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Parkour Skill Test

Well try to complete this and see if you can become a god at parkour. There are seven stages. Each stage it gets harder.

The TakeOver

This one however has a bit more of a competitive feel as instead of using wool, etc. The goal of the game is to stay on the Shroomlight at the center as long as possible!!! If your opponent gets on it, make sure to get him off immediately, because as one team member stands on… Read more »

Castle: Conquers 1.0.2

First you need to select the NPC and select 1v1 through to 5v5. The goal of the game is too break the white wool in the center and place your color of wool, and protect it for 50 seconds as your opponent is is trying to do the same thing. You have to avoid the… Read more »

Temple – Survival Spawn

Play with friends or alone! – Amazing temple located on a huge mountain! – Perfect for both single and multiplayer modes! – Incredible views of the savannah sea of ​​the jungle and the desert!

Special Modern House

This map is equipped with other buildings such as fountains, tree houses, swimming pools, etc. I made this map takes a long time so I could design the building to be very good.

Working Phone

It uses map technology that give you a 128×128 screen. The phone has a working keyboard and games! It’s very easy to get the hang of. How to open – When you first open the phone in the world, you must sneak (crouch) to unlock the phone. You can hold the phone in your mainhand… Read more »

Survival: Lava Sea

You must survive here. Build a base. Find useful materials in chests on different islands! – Islands to discover! – Hidden mobs spawners! – Dangerous lava sea! – And a lot more!

A Simple and Normal Parkour V3

Are you sick of those long-a levels that you just want a normal parkour map? Then download this map! Changelog V3 Update: Added 4 new levels Other changes: New trailer thats straight from my channel Improved “thanks for playing screen”


It’s a one fit for all, meaning both new players and hardcore players will be able to play it and have fun. This map will improve your skills to become a high class player.