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Idle : Build Your Slayer

Play with your friends for better experience (The map is Co-Op and Solo). Buy crates to get boosters and unlock more features. How to play ? Slayer is a machine that kills mobs to sell their drops to get money . You have to upgrade the slayer and try to boost it as you can… Read more »

Perfect V0.1

Now this addon introduce to you the PERFECT! A shader test and showcasing map.

Parkour Master

This map is in development but you can play the worlds that are available subscribe to Changelog New Update 1-New Levels 2-Link download 3-New shop fixed 4-Shaders

Default City Layout

Now you can with this specific Default Minecraft Java Edition world converted to Bedrock Edition world, you can now start a custom default city at your command!

A Minecraft Parkour Map

This Map is cross-produced by BEMZ and Henziod, the original Java Creator. The less that you know about this map the better, this is your generic Minecraft Parkour map but…..

Isla Nublar

This map includes a tropical island ready for you to build your very own dinosaur theme park or resort.

Random TP Bedrock

difference is that every 5 minutes you will be teleported to a totally random place on the map, where you will have to be quick to collect the most resources before the counter reaches [00:00]

Beyond the Portal

This is a find the button map which celebrates the release of the all new 1.16 Nether Update that launched earlier this June!

Modern Mansion for Gamers

I took about 2 months on this estate, so I hope you all enjoy it! Massive patios, Dolphin and Fish Aquarium, with a beehive on the second story.