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Plants vs Zombies V1.4

You wont be disappointed, You will have fun, 100% guaranteed! This map have some unique features,like,Fog Mode,Zen Garden,and more! Changelog •Added addon source and download link •A more detailed Submission 🙂

Escape From The Magma

You can play it alone or with your friends. When the game starts you must start to running, you will found some Magma cubes. You just have to know how to dodge the Magma cube. Changelog Added better featured image because I forgot to put it when I did the last updated . Added Link… Read more »

Achievement World Update

You can also help your friends earn them too! This map has most of the common Achievements! Changelog Fixed Local Brewery Achievement Fixed Beaconator Achievement Updated a couple of achievements.

Castle: Conquers 1.0.2

First you need to select the NPC and select 1v1 through to 5v5. The goal of the game is too break the white wool in the center and place your color of wool, and protect it for 50 seconds as your opponent is is trying to do the same thing. You have to avoid the… Read more »

Zombie Invasion Beta

Have fun with your friends playing this fun minigame, Hide in tunnels, pipes, rooms, stay alive! Hide and seek minigame.

The TakeOver

This one however has a bit more of a competitive feel as instead of using wool, etc. The goal of the game is to stay on the Shroomlight at the center as long as possible!!! If your opponent gets on it, make sure to get him off immediately, because as one team member stands on… Read more »

Working Phone

It uses map technology that give you a 128×128 screen. The phone has a working keyboard and games! It’s very easy to get the hang of. How to open – When you first open the phone in the world, you must sneak (crouch) to unlock the phone. You can hold the phone in your mainhand… Read more »


It’s a one fit for all, meaning both new players and hardcore players will be able to play it and have fun. This map will improve your skills to become a high class player.

Idle : Build Your Slayer

Play with your friends for better experience (The map is Co-Op and Solo). Buy crates to get boosters and unlock more features. How to play ? Slayer is a machine that kills mobs to sell their drops to get money . You have to upgrade the slayer and try to boost it as you can… Read more »

Perfect V0.1

Now this addon introduce to you the PERFECT! A shader test and showcasing map.