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More Food Mod

The More Food Mod adds 36 food items to the game. It includes realistic food such as hamburgers and taco but also some Minecraftian food such as the delicious diamond cookie. If you think the game is missing out on some of the worlds delicious food then use this mod to be able to choose… Read more »

Dog Mod

This mod adds six different dogs to the game. It uses the dog models found in the popular PC mod known as DoggyStyle : Domestic Dog Breeds. This Pocket Editon mod is much more simple as it only adds the mobs and none of the features to interact with the dog. Even though its kind… Read more »

Saddle v2 – Mob Rider

This mod allows you to ride any mob at all just by tapping them with your saddle! You can ride on a cow, a pig, or even a bat or an enderman. I hope you enjoy using this mod!

Pocket Decoration V7

The PocketDecoration Mod adds more furniture items and blocks . Some of the decorations include a doorbell, plenty of kitchen furniture and a fully functional TV. Its the perfect addition if you want to decorate your home with some furniture to make it look more realistic. OakWoodBedsideCabinetItem = 601 SpruceWoodBedsideCabinetItem = 602 AcaciaWoodBedsideCabinetItem = 603… Read more »

Extraboots Mod

The Extraboots Mod adds 7 new boots to the game which when worn will add some type of special effect. Turn water into ice, get immune to fire and launch up into the air like a rocket are some of the abilities for the boots. All of the boots are quite difficult to craft it… Read more »

More Jockeys Mod

The More Jockeys Mod adds 21 new jockeys to the game. Jockeys are basically a mob, e.g. a zombie, which is riding another mob, usually some type of animal. They can only be spawned using spawn eggs but its still really fun to play around with as they are like new types of mobs which… Read more »

Pocket Puppies Mod

Pocket Puppies adds eight cute puppies to the game. The pets behaviour is similar to wolves but they all look very different from one another. One puppy looks like a miniature version of Herobrine on four legs and another puppy is entirely colored in green. One thing they have all got in common is that… Read more »

Nether Villages Mod

Nether Villages is a new concept or idea which recently surfaced in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community on Twitter. Its a really clever idea which brings some more exploration opportunities to the Nether and now someone decided to create a mod adding this to the game. Its currently in an early stage of development and… Read more »

Survival Essentials Mod

Survival Essentials adds accessibility to a bunch of features which can improve your survival gameplay. Its like a cheat menu specifically designed for survival. For example, give yourself food items, a diamond kit or toggle fly mode on and off. You can of course use it in creative mode but some features, like giving yourself… Read more »

Tornado Mod

A tornado is basically air which is rotating violently and destroys the things which gets in its way. This mod makes it possible to spawn a tornado. Its very dangerous as it will destroy parts of the terrain but it can also severely hurt you if you get too close. How does it work? To… Read more »