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Sieve Mod

This mod adds a sieve to the game which can be used for sifting sand, gravel and dirt. Its an alternative way for obtaining valuable items like iron ingot instead of going out there to mine ores. The Sieve Mod is still in its early stages of development and as a result theres quite a… Read more »

Nightmare Mod

Nightmare Mode (Custom Difficulty) How to use : – Turn on difficulty to High – Import, then Enable the mod. – Play the game with survival mode, wait till the night time comes, Then its time for you to challenge the Upgraded Mobs…

Essentials Mod

An essential mod. Currently WIP. Feel free to leave suggestions! UPDATE: Added Special Food Items, more Enchantments, and Effects.

Technology PE

New update! Evaluate the new interface. Good or bad? PS: The buttons not work, I will try to resolve in future releases.

PC Commands V1

This model adds more than 20 commands exactly like PC, for now is is the first version, so you probably have an occasional bug, please report it.

Reinforced Bow

The Reinforcement Bow Mod adds a couple of new features for the bow. For example, you can change the speed of the arrow and also the damage, depending on which mode you switch to. Yes, its a very simple mod but nonetheless worth to download because the features are really fun to play around with…. Read more »


/help : List Of All Commands! /gmc : Change Your Gamemode to Creative /gms : Change Your Gamemode to Survival /item : Give Yourself Items! /explode : Make an Explosion! /heal : Heal Yourself! /xyz : Your XYZ Coordinates! Most Commands even work on LAN

Random Lucky Block

In SURVIVAL mode: Type /block in chat to add items Hello Everyone! Im Back With Another Mod! This Mod Is Called Random Block Mod. It Is Just Like Lucky Blocks Mod. There Are 135 Possible Drops/Events. These Blocks Can Do Many Things Like Drop Items, Drop Blocks, Make Traps, Spawn Mobs When You Break Them…. Read more »