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Unfair Pig

But this time, it is themed with pig, in other words, as you can see by the title of this map, it is called Unfair Pigs. Everything in this map will be pointless and you’ll have to beat it basically.

Escape From The Prison V1.3.0

There’re some jails, a kitchen, a big canteen, a big playground, 3 rooms, two floors, a Emergency Main Gate located in the playground, a secret room located in the 2nd floor, the main gate and the sewer. You can access to the watchtower, finding a book. There’re 3 mode to escape. Changelog – Added Gym,… Read more »

Beyond the Portal

This is a find the button map which celebrates the release of the all new 1.16 Nether Update that launched earlier this June!

Escape From The Mind Update

In this map, Herobrine has captured you and entered your mind to terrorize you. Your goal in this map is to escape from your mind by finding secrets as well as the hidden lore. Will you find a way to escape and beat Herobrine? Changelog I had to change certain things because the nether update… Read more »

75 Ways To Die11-8

Dying is normally not something you should strive for in Minecraft. However, in this map, that is the only way to proceed in the levels. Each level is a small puzzle inside a square shaped room where your objective is to find a way to kill yourself in order to access the next level. It’s… Read more »

Among Us Map Builder

Well here’s how! Using my creation, you can make your very own levels, play with your friends with it too! This map comes with 7 colors of space suits you can choose: • Red (hot, original) • Black (my fav :3) • Blue (looks cool ngl) • White (clean and slick) • Purple (green sus)… Read more »

Secured Redstone Base

In this map, is full of passcodes, traps and tons of securities and even secret entrances and much more mechanisms that are from the Java edition imported in the bedrock edition using redstones.

Brain Teaser

This map allows to do that. Open your mind to solve and play decently hard puzzles. At a glance it may seem normal but in reality, you must your your intelligence to past the levels. Changelog Updated bug that causes you to be in a different gamemode than intended.

Among Us Craft1

Well here is the world of among us in Minecraft for all you amazing gamers to play. After spending much of my time enjoying among us and having fun with the new RTX Minecraft I got to thinking. What if I made a nice looking among us map in Minecraft with RTX. Changelog – added… Read more »