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Knock Em Off

It’s a non-stop game that you can play all you want, as long as there are players. Knock all players off the arena.

BedWars Map

So we made BedWars map where you can play 2-8 players and it has got a lot of features and interesting things! Changelog Edited some text • Added some new features •

TNT Spleef

You can configure the settings for it too be day/ night, the amount of layers (1,2 or 3) and whether tile drops are on or off. You can play with your friends or practise on your own in the lobby with a mini spleef and jumps on varing distance.

DodgeBow Fix

I remade this game for those who weren’t Youtubers and could enjoy “Dodgebolt” with their friends. The goal is simple; to eliminate the other team using weapons and blocks that will be given to you to help defeat the other opponent. Arrows can penetrate walls, Bows with the strongest accuracy. Bring home the victory in… Read more »

KitPvP Alpha

This is KitPvP (not official name), a place to battle with your friends and determine who is the best warrior. You will be using a variety of kits such as: Tank, Archer, Ninja, witch, and so on. This map is currently not fully complete, but we will be updating the map Changelog Added 2 new… Read more »

Tycoon Beta 0.7 Up

Create over than 1 profile and play with your friends. Play Solo multi-profile and change between profiles. How to play ? Upgrade your furniture to boost your factory. Every upgrade will boost your factory. Complete quests to get more money and get rich. Every minute you will get a delivery of random amount of cakes… Read more »

The Tower PVP

do not kill each other xd This map is based on the original java edition map ” The Tower ”, this map was made from scratch adapting the concept of ” the king of the hill ”. Climb the tower and be the first to arrive, avoid your friends throwing you

PVP Arena

Both teams start with a strength=1 box (i.e. the basic one) on death they will respawn in their respective chamber if they have lives left and they will have a chance of getting either a Strength=2 or Strength=3 upon their luck. Read rules and instructions properly and everything will be completely fine.

UHC Clasic Map

The rules are simple, try NOT to die since your life will not regenerate normally, survive the adversities of the world, battling with the other participants and be the last warrior standing in the competition Each player spawns in an area of ​​the map 1000 x 1000 and has a determined time to Equip 1… Read more »

LightKnight2311’s KitPvP V1.7.4

Not all features in it are ready, but more will be added along the way. Read the description to see what the features will be like. If there’s anything that could be improved in this map, put it down in your comments. Changelog Discord update! Nothing major, just updated the invite link! All is well… Read more »