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Desert Triple Village

Heres a great seed which got a triple village a short walking distance from spawn. There are plenty of farms and a chest with some amazing loot waiting for you. Turn slightly to your left at spawn so that you see a desert further ahead. Approach the desert and you will soon be able to… Read more »

Forest Village

Normally villages are generated at areas where the landscape is flat, sometimes it happens they are generated on top of mountains and rarely, as in this case, it happens they are generated in forests. The spawn is on top of a little hill. In front of you there should be a river. Continue straight ahead… Read more »

Island Village

Here is a seed where you will spawn on an island which got no trees whatsoever but instead it has something much more cool and that is a village. The village got five farms and about ten houses so there are lots of resources to be harvested and houses where you can take shelter in…. Read more »

Double Village At Spawn

Once you have spawned in the world you will find yourself in what appears to be a double village. The village is located on the border of two colliding biomes: a savannah and flat lants biome. There are plenty of farms which you can harvest for food and it provides several different terrains (desert, savannah,… Read more »

Half Jungle Village

Just a few times have we reviewed a couple of jungle village seeds before. And to be honest, neither of those are as good as this jungle village. The spawn is in the jungle under a tree and before you there are vines hanging down from the trees. Just a little further ahead you will… Read more »

Desert Mountain Village

In this seed you will come across a quite extraordinary village. Mountains in deserts are quite rare and then the to have parts of a village generate on top of a mountain in a desert is as you probably understand even more rare. And thats exactly what you will find in this seed! At spawn… Read more »

Rare Island Village

In this seed you will spawn on a rounded and flat island. On the island there is a small village which got a few houses, farms and even a little dock for boats. Its perfect if you want to quickly see some civilization in your next survival adventures.

Unusual Double Village

In this seed you will spawn close to a double village. The village is quite unique because of the differently generated houses. One good example is the farm which is generated on top of a house roof. To get to the double village turn slightly to your right once youve spawned and climb the hill… Read more »

Two Survival Islands

In this seed you will spawn on a small survival island but with plenty of trees which you can use to build your first shetler for the night to come. Just a little further away from the first island is a second island. Its a little bit larger but the downside is that it doesnt… Read more »

Small Mountain Village

The spawn is on the side of a quite tall hill in front of a little village. The village has partly been generated on top of the hill and about half of the village is generated at the base of the hill In the village you will find the following items. Its a quite good… Read more »